Herds Men Ran Away While Their Cows Collided With a Toyota Camry In River State

According to report, a motor accident occurred along airport road in Port-Harcourt the of Rivers state. After two cows reportedly ran  into an oncoming Toyota Camry with two passengers inside. The cows were have said to come out from the bush near the high way.

The herdsmen reported fled the scene of the incident

According to an eyewitness who was on his way back from Etche along the Port Harcourt road saw two cows lying lifeless and also a damage Toyota Camry car with two passengers inside.

Who alighted from the car, got very close to the accident scene,only to discover that a Facebook friend of mine Miss Nengi was the passenger in the damaged Toyota camry car, enquiries as explained by the driver of the camry Mr George, showed that while he was on speed two cows ran out of the Bush towards their direction, he lost control of the car and that’s all you could remember.

There was no trace of the Fulani Cattle Rearers. They fled deep into the Bush with their remaining cows. Passersby who came to render help spoke in unison about the daily occurrence of Fulani cows always running into cars, they said the last experience on that same road was a sad one because two human lives was lost and also pleaded to the Rivers State Government to do something about it.

A farmer at the scene who is also a pastor in OPM CHURCH lamented bitterly on how the produce from his farms have been destroyed by the Fulani Cattle Rearers and their cows.

The Rivers State Government should act now because our brothers and sisters in the rural areas suffer so much in the hands of these wicked and heartless Fulani Cattle Rearers that think about themselves and their cows alone.

Today it is Nengi, it can be any Government official on that road tomorrow.

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